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These policies are updated on a regular basis. To view a PDF copy of each policy, please click the link below.

If you have any questions, please email the Airport at

1. Minimum Standards
2. Rules & Regulations
3. Leasing Policy
4. Lease Policy Exhibit


AOA Security Badge Application 

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The Redmond Airport is home to more than 100 general aviation aircraft used for both business and pleasure. General aviation facilities include aircraft storage buildings and aprons, transient and based aircraft tie-downs, and general aviation parking.

Airport tie-down fees can be found here: Airport Fee Schedule

View Tie Down Map

For more information about Aircraft Transient Parking and Tie Downs please contact the RDM Admin office at    


For current FBO information please visit SkyService (Leading edge Jet Center) at or call 541-504-3848 to learn more about the services offered.  Services available via UNICOM freq. 122.85. 



Roberts Field has T-Hangars on the Northside and the Southside of the airfield.

There are 14 North T-hangars (two 7-unit buildings) and 28 South T-Hangars (two 14-unit buildings) These T-hangars are currently leased at full capacity.  RDM Airport administration is currently maintaining a waiting list of proposed tenants. 

Northside T-Hangars are located at 888 SE Veterans Way. Southside T-Hangars are located at 1900 SE Airport Way.  

The North T-hangars Bldg I and K are approximately 40’ wide and 34’ deep with a 12’3 door height and approximately 1,036 square feet in area. (See attached for dimensions

The South T-Hangars, Bldg F, and G are approximately 41’ wide and 32’ deep with a 12’ 8 door height and approximately 1,062 square feet in area. (See attached for dimensions)

Please contact Airport Administration at for availability and/or other information.  

For questions about commercial hangar purchase or business space available, please email



Bend Airport Information:
63132 Powell Butte Rd, Bend, OR 97701
(541) 389-0258


Madras Municipal Airport/Berg Air Information:

2028 NW Berg Dr, Madras, OR 97741

(541) 475-4899


Madras Airport Website


Prineville Airport Information:

4585 SW Airport Rd  Prineville, OR  97754

(541) 416-0805

Manager: Kelly Coffelt

Prineville Airport Website


Sisters Eagle Airport Information:

15820 Barclay Dr, Sisters, OR 97759

Manager: David C. Campbell

Sisters Eagle Airport Website



Aviation in Central Oregon: A Comeback Story - Cascade Business News (

Central Oregon Aviation Industry Flying High - Cascade Business News (

Central Oregon Home to Bustling Aviation Community  - Cascade Business News (


RDM will be renaming some of the taxiways at the Airport. This process is starting on Wednesday, July 13th2022  


Below is a list of the permanent name changes of taxiway pavement at the Airport. 


Map of New Taxiway Designations


Existing Taxiway Designation

New Taxiway Designation

Taxiway ‘F’

Taxiway ‘A’

Taxiway ‘K’

Taxiway ‘A1’

Taxiway ‘N’

Taxiway ‘A2’

Taxiway ‘H’

Taxiway ‘A3’

Taxiway ‘E’

Taxiway ‘A4’


There will be a NOTAM issued until the publications are updated.




Skyservice is a Fixed Based Operator (FBO) at Roberts Field (North Ramp). Please visit Skyservice website or call 541-504-3848 to learn more about the services offered.  Services available via UNICOM freq. 122.85.

RDM does not accept any responsibility or liability for delays to its services as a result of circumstances beyond its control including (but not limited to) traffic congestion, road accidents, flight delays, security alerts, and severe weather conditions.


If commercial airport service doesn't fit your needs or schedule, you may want to consider on-demand air charter service which can take you conveniently from the airport closest to you directly into Bend, Oregon. For more information please contact: 

Business Air


Professional Air






As part of our tower's ongoing efforts to improve service delivery, they are asking you, the General Aviation family, to please provide them with feedback by completing their online survey.  Please click HERE  to access the survey.

Seattle Center has published a Letter to Airmen about the congested airspace in Central Oregon. They also have produced a poster that will be distributed to local FBOs and flight schools.  The poster has a link ( ) to Mike Kloch's Central Oregon Safety page, which hosts the LTA, poster and a video featuring actual traffic scenarios from Central Oregon.   Please feel free to distribute this information to any and all of your pilot friends and students.

RDM Area Letter To Airmen (LTA)

Seattle Center Video

This video shows the Redmond, OR area from the controllers point of view. There is a lot of congestion in the area and VFR aircraft can cause issues for IFR traffic into RDM. 

Low flying aircraft is also a safety concern and should be addressed by the appropriate regional FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). Federal Aviation Regulations state the minimum altitude requirements for aircraft. 

Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) Oregon

3180 NE Century Blvd
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

Phone: (503) 615-3200 or (800) 847-3806 Fax: (503) 615-3300 

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Pacific Time Monday - Friday 


Report an Aircraft Accident to the NTSB

(800) 992-7433




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