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Please contact your AIRLINE DIRECTLY (not the airport) for delay or cancellation information.

Download your Airline App and Sign up for e-mail and text notifications prior to departure for updated information
Unfortunately, we cannot predict or confirm flight delays or cancellations until they actually happen! RDM Airport does not control cancellations or delays, it is solely a decision made by each individual airline. Flight delays, cancellations, and re-routing decisions are made by the individual airline on a flight-by-flight basis. FAA air traffic controllers may also play a role in an airline's decision-making process. Information on a flight’s status is best found on the airline’s website.
Weather conditions may at times affect airport operations. Conditions at partner airports (Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, etc..) can also affect flights, even though there are no issues at RDM. RDM does not usually close during most inclement weather conditions. The RDM terminal building will remain open at all times (24/7) unless damaged or in case of an emergency.
RDM does not accept any responsibility or liability for airline delays, cancellations, or parking services as a result of circumstances beyond its control including (but not limited to) traffic congestion, road accidents, security alerts, and severe weather conditions. Road construction and weather issues could lead to traffic delays, so be prepared and plan ahead!

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