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Reminder: It is highly recommended that passengers arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure time. Each airline has its own operating hours. Currently, the airline check-in counters close 45 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time. No agents will be available to check baggage or print boarding passes after this time. Passengers need to allow enough time to complete the check-in and the TSA checkpoint procedures. All passengers must be at the boarding gate 15 minutes prior to departure or may be denied boarding
The Transportation Security Administration website can provide information on the security screening of passengers and baggage. Currently, TSA opens daily at 03:45 a.m and closes at 7:00 p.m.
To view the latest TSA updates visit the TSA Website at
Please contact your air carrier directly to check your flight status or go online to their website.

Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM) is located in the heart of Central Oregon and is currently serviced by FIVE air carriers:  American Airlines, Alaska Air, Avelo Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines, with non-stop flights to Burbank, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Seattle.  

American Airlines is handled by Envoy Air, Avelo, Delta, and United flights are handled by Unifi Aviation Services. Alaska Airlines is handled by Horizon Air.


Direct flights from RDM are as follows: 

Alaska: LAX, SAN, SEA, and SFO (PDX begins Nov 29, 2023)

American: PHX

Avelo Airlines: BUR, STS, LAS (STS will become PSP in November)

Delta: SEA and SLC

United: DEN, LAX, and SFO


Approximate Flight Times:

Redmond to Burbank     1 hour and 30 minutes
Redmond to Denver     2 hours and 24 minutes
Redmond to Las Vegas     1 Hour 47 Minutes
Redmond to Los Angeles     2 hours 18 minutes
Redmond to Santa Rosa     2 hours and 10 minutes
Redmond to Phoenix     2 hours and 30 minutes
Redmond to Salt Lake City     1 hour and 30 minutes
Redmond to San Diego     2 hours and 40 minutes
Redmond to San Francisco     1 hour and 10 minutes
Redmond to Seattle     1 hour and 10 minutes

Weather conditions may at times affect airport operations. RDM does not usually close during most inclement weather conditions. The RDM terminal building will remain open at all times unless damaged or in case of an emergency. Flight delays, cancellations, and re-routing decisions are made by the individual airline on a flight-by-flight basis. FAA air traffic controllers may also play a role in an airline's decision-making process. Information on a flight’s status is best found on the airline’s website.

RDM does not accept any responsibility or liability for delays to its services as a result of circumstances beyond its control including (but not limited to) traffic congestion, road accidents, flight delays and cancellations, security alerts, and severe weather conditions.

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Book your flight today with one of the following air carriers:


Alaska Logo 
Reservations/Information 1-800-252-7522

Click HERE for Baggage Information


Reservations/Information  1-800-433-7300

Baggage Information




Reservations/Information  (346) 616-9500

Customer Support:

Customer Support Center phone: (346) 616-9500


Reservations/Information  1-855-548-2505

Delayed, Lost or Damaged Bags : Delta Air Lines

Reservations 800-241-6522
Arrival/Departure information 800-824-6200
Baggage Information 800-221-6903
Air Cargo 800-822-2746

Checked baggage issues | United Airlines


Boutique Air is offering flights to PDX from RDM but Boutique Air is NOT located in the Redmond Municipal Airport. terminal. Boutique Air is located at the Skyservice (formerly Leading Edge Jet Center) in Redmond
Please visit Boutique Air and SKYService for more information
Skyservice / Leading Edge Jet Center - Redmond
1050 SE Sisters Ave, Redmond, OR 97756
Redmond FBO - Skyservice Business Aviation

Boutique Air - New Flight Search


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