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‘Cell Phone Area’ Designation


Redmond Municipal Airport has a designated ‘Cell Phone Area’ 

This designated "Cell Phone" parking area is a convenient alternative for those waiting in their vehicle to pick up friends and family at the airport.  The “Cell Phone Area” is located on SE Salmon, along each roadway shoulder directly across from the airport entrance, and is marked with directional signs along SE Airport Road.  “The “Cell Phone Area” was established in direct response to a growing number requests by the community, and is just one of the many projects we have planned to better serve our users,“ states Airport Director.   If a greeter prefers, the Airport’s Short Term parking lot is available for a low parking rate of $1.00 for the first 30 minutes, or $2.00 for the first hour. As a reminder, the curbside at the Terminal should only be used for active loading and unloading.

For information about current flight arrival or departures times, please check the airline carrier website or the Airport’s website at for the flight tracking site.