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Redmond Municipal Airport Prepares for Increased Holiday Travel - 71 Paid Parking Spots Added last summer


Redmond Municipal Airport Prepares for Increased Holiday Travel - 71 Paid Parking Spots Added this past summer 

Due to the upcoming holiday season, RDM encourages travelers to consider using alternative transportation options in lieu of using the paid parking lot. Those options include, but are not limited to TNC and ride sharing, ground transportation services such as taxi service and vehicles for hire, recruiting friends or family for a ride, or other off Airport overnight parking in legal areas.

Paid parking rates at RDM:

  • $1.00 for first 30 minutes
  • 31 plus minutes is $2.00 per hour
  • Maximum is $10.00 per day
  • 7th day of consecutive parking is free
  • Additional parking information for trailers and motorcycles can be found online at

The curb at the front of the Airport Terminal is for active loading and unloading only. Vehicles are not permitted to wait at the curb. The Rental Car lot is for rental cars only. Private vehicles are not authorized to enter the Rental Car lot. Curb, Parking, and Rental Car lot violations are subject to a $50.00 citation. The approved waiting area is the Cell Phone Waiting area, located across the street from the Airport along SW Salmon Avenue.

The increased holiday traffic will likely cause longer check-in lines and passengers are encouraged to arrive 90 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes) prior to departure time to clear through the TSA screening process. November and December is a busy season for holiday traveling and TSA would like to remind passengers to check all baggage for loose ammunition and other related items prior to travel.

RDM’s boarding lounge amenities include a children’s play area, a coffee shop, and Avalon Aeropub, a family friendly restaurant and full-service bar open daily at 10:00 A.M. Additional links to RDM Airport information, TSA tips, and local air carrier and ground transportation providers can be found online at

The Redmond Municipal Airport (Roberts Field - RDM) is the aviation gateway to Central Oregon. Owned and operated by the City of Redmond, the airport offers a full range of general and commercial aviation services.  RDM is served by four airlines; Alaska Air, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United with direct flights to Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.  For more information please visit us online at