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“Flybrary” It’s a place where books fly off the shelves and hopefully, others land in their place. Many airports across the country are partnering with local libraries to expand reading opportunities for passengers who often have plenty of time on their hands while waiting for a flight.

November 2017 will mark the beginning of a new partnership between Redmond Municipal Airport and Deschutes Public Library. Passengers will soon find a collection of books for children and adults as well as information about Deschutes Public Library services and programs on both sides of security at RDM.

The Flybrary, a Take a Book – Leave a Book free lending library program, will allow RDM visitors to take books at no charge from the Flybrary bookshelves and encourages participants to leave books for others to enjoy. There is no obligation, fee or registration required.

The RDM “Flybrary” is a fresh spin on the charitable “pay-it-forward” approach being popularized around the world. With no librarian keeping a watchful eye, the only thing holding travelers to the Flybrary’s rules is their word.

The concept is simple. Travelers are encouraged to slide their books on to Flybrary shelves, taking another in its place and tagging it with the Flybrary Book sticker, (writing down where the book has travelled and choosing a new book to enjoy) RDM is hoping that the Flybrary will become a growing collection of literature for all.

The airport will fill the first shelves with new and second-hand acquisitions and hopes that the Flybrary, with help from the Deschutes Public Library partnership, will sustain itself. “Seed” books for the RDM “Flybrary” program will be primarily provided by the Deschutes Public Library. Other books will be provided by The Redmond Airport and RDM partner airline lost and founds.

The Deschutes Public Library partnership will also take advantage of complimentary airport Wi-Fi and the fact that so many people now travel with an e-reader, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device. Passengers traveling to/from RDM can take advantage of Libby, the new Digital Download app from OverDrive to access millions of ebooks and audiobooks from the Deschutes Public Library (and thousands of other libraries across the country.)

Meet Libby

No Library card? Not to Worry, Other public download programs are also available-- and QR codes can be easily scanned to give travelers access to an e-library of more than 15,000 free titles. "Readers can choose from nonfiction, fiction, children's titles, classics and more.

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