"The City of Redmond has contracted with Griffin Construction, LLC for the construction of a new Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center (COIDC) at the Redmond Municipal Airport.  The new 7,000 square facility is part of a twenty-year lease agreement with the United States Forest Service, supporting their efforts to relocate the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center (COIDC) to the Redmond Air Center at Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM).
The Forest Service’s COIDC provides dispatch support and coordination for all risk incidents for the Oregon Department of Forestry, BLM Prineville District, the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests and the Crooked River National Grassland. They conduct over 1,000 flight operations and disperse approximately a million gallons of fire retardant annually. The development of a new, centrally located dispatch center at the Redmond Airport will improve efficiency and safety of those operations as well as the agency’s ability to respond to risk incidents.
“The City has had a successful 50+ year history with the U.S. Forest Service in the development of airport property,” states Redmond Airport Manager Zachary Bass.  “We look forward to continuing that partnership for another twenty years as well as expanding the airport’s role in regional USFS firefighting efforts.  Construction of the new dispatch center will make Redmond Air Center one of the largest USFS firefighting bases in the country.”
Since 2000, the City of Redmond (Redmond Airport) has invested $5 Million dollars in build-to-suit USFS facilities on Airport property. The cost and risk of building these facilities is offset by long term lease agreements.  The City issued a 20-year Full Faith and Credit bond to finance the new COIDC facility in early 2016 in the amount of $2,500,000.00.  The annual debt payment is $178,386.00 a year.  The finalized lease with the Forest Service is for a guaranteed (cannot be terminated) twenty years at an annual rate of approximately $189,000, subject to final square footage verification as well the costs related to tenant improvements and other security requirements.  The Forest Service has committed up to $150,000 towards additional tenant improvements, which is currently being negotiated. As it stands currently, the Airport will be providing $670,000 to fund the project. The total project cost is currently estimated at $3,170,000.00.
“The Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center is an integral part of emergency operations in the region,” comments Mayor George Endicott.  “During a recent visit to Redmond Municipal Airport, Governor Brown commended the level of interagency cooperation across our region.  We are proud of the recognition and will continue the tradition of collaborative partnerships.”
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