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Runway 05/23 Project Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Runway 05/23 project will begin on September 8th and continue for approximately 45 days.

The primary focus of this 45 day period will be to remove all of the surface painted numerals referencing the old runway designations (prior to August 20th 2015 of 04/22 and 10/28) and install the new surface painted numerals for the new runway designation of 05/23 and 11/29.  One runway will be available for airport users at all times during this approximately 45 day work period.


Beginning May 2–22, 2016 the airport will suspend all fixed wing/commercial air service for 21 days to reconstruct the intersection portion of the runway. Redmond Municipal Airport’s runways are in an ‘X’ formation, requiring the closure of both runways to complete the intersecting portion.  For more information regarding "Runway Project 2016" click HERE


The project was funded in part by Oregon State lottery dollars through Connect Oregon V and FAA AIP grants.

Last Updated: September 1
, 2015