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All individuals working in Secured / Sterile Areas, restricted areas of the Airport Terminal, are required to obtain an Airport Identification Badge.  Hangar owners, tenants, and anyone employed or conducting business on the General Aviation side of the airfield must also obtain an Airport Identification badge.

Appointments are recommended by calling 541-504-3088 or 541-504-3081. Drop-ins will be accommodated when possible. When submitting a completed application the applicant will need to present valid original I-9 documents. A list of I-9 documents are shown HERE.  Click on the type of application needed, AOA - Application or AOA Renewal form (General Aviation) or  SECURED - STERILE Application.pdf or Secured-Sterile Areas Renewal form (Airport Terminal Restricted Areas). 

Badging Hours: 
To schedule badging appointments call 541-504-3088 or email 

  • Application Acceptance   (application, payment, fingerprinting, photograph, I-9 ID review)
    • Monday - Friday 9:00 -3:00
  • Airport ID Training & Issuance
    • AOA ID - approximately 30 minutes
    • Secured / Sterile Area approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Park in short term parking, bring your parking ticket in for validation. Do not park in Vendor Parking or at the Terminal curb.  Check in with Airport Administration office when arriving for an appointment.

To report a lost, stolen or found badge call 541-504-3083 or e-mail,

To report a security problem at the Airport call 911 for emergency response or 541-504-3083 for non-emergency notifications

To contact the Airport Security Office call 541-504-3081 (Monday - Friday, regular business hours)