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About the Committee
The Airport Committee was created on April 9, 1991 by City Ordinance 91-06.  The purpose of the Committee is to advise the City Council regarding issues which concern the development of the Redmond Municipal Airport to meet the growing commercial and general aviation demand of the Central Oregon region by:
  • Study and propose measures that are advisable for the expansion and improvement of Roberts Field.
  • Recommend capital improvement projects that will benefit the airport and its users.
  • Study and identify the needs of the airport, the potential growth of services at the airport and make recommendations to the Redmond City Council regarding those services.

The Airport Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Redmond City Council on matters pertaining to airport operations, maintenance, improvements, facilities, and airport-activities under the jurisdiction of the City. 

The Committee is composed of nine (9) members. Five members appointed by the Mayor of Redmond and approved by the City Council; one member appointed by the City of Bend Commission; one member appointed by Deschutes County Commission; one member appointed by Jefferson County Commission; one member appointed by Crook County Commission.
The City recently instituted an Ex Officio Youth member to help foster interest in aviation for young adults.  One Ex Officio youth (18 years of age and under) shall be appointed by the Mayor, without regard to jurisdictional restrictions, to serve a one year term. The Ex Officio Youth is a non-voting member.Airport Committee Members (all terms expire December 31st of the year listed):
Committee Member Term Expires
Eric Sande (Redmond) Chair 2018
Ross Centers (Redmond) 2018
Sean Neary (Redmond) 2018
Tim Moor (Redmond) 2019
David Foote (Redmond) 2018
Kelly Coffelt (Crook Co)  2020
Rob Berg (Jefferson Co) 2017
Trish Jorgenson (Deschutes Co) 2017
Auna Pendergrass (Youth Ex Officio) 2017
Vacant (Bend)   



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Meeting Information

Unless otherwise noted, the Airport Committee meets the second Thursday of every month at 5:30 pm at the Redmond Municipal Airport in the Event Conference Room, located at 2522 SE Jesse Butler Circle, Redmond, Oregon.  Parking validation is provided for all attendees to include members of the general public who wish to attend.

NEXT MEETING: July 13, 2017 5:30 p.m.
Anyone needing accommodation to participate in the meeting must notify the ADA Coordinator at least 48 hours advance of the meeting at 541-504-3036, or through the Telecommunications Relay Servi(TRS) which enables people who have difficulty hearing or speaking in the telephone to communicate to standard voice telephone users. If anyone needs Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) or Speech To Speech (STS) assistance, please use one of the following TRS numbers: 1-800-735-2900 (voice or text), 1-877-735-7525 (STS English) or 1-800-735-3896 (STS Spanish).


Meeting Date




07/13/17 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET  MINUTES
05/11/17 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET  MINUTES
03/09/17 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET  MINUTES
01/12/17 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
11/10/16 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
10/13/16 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
09/08/16 Committee Meeting CANCELLED  
08/11/16 Committee Meeting CANCELLED  
07/14/16 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
06/09/16 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
05/12/16 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET  MINUTES
04/14/16 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET  MINUTES
03/10/16 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET  MINUTES
02/11/16 Committee Meeting CANCELLED  
01/14/16 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET MINUTES
12/10/15 Committee Meeting CANCELLED  
11/12/15 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
10/08/15 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
09/10/15 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
08/13/15 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
07/9/15 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
06/11/15 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
05/14/15 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET  MINUTES
04/16/15 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET  MINUTES
03/12/15 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
02/12/15 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
01/08/15 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET  MINUTES
12/11/14 Committee Meeting AGENDA/PACKET  MINUTES
11/20/14 Commission Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
10/09/14 Commission Meeting AGENDA/PACKET   MINUTES
09/11/14 Commission Meeting CANCELLED  
08/14/14 Commission Meeting CANCELLED  
07/12/14 Commission Meeting AGENDA/PACKET  MINUTES
06/12/14 Commission Meeting


5/1/14 Commission Meeting AGENDA/PACKET MINUTES
04/10/14 Commission Meeting  AGENDA/PACKET MINUTES
3/13/14 Commission Meeting AGENDA/PACKET MINUTES
 2/13/14 Commission Meeting CANCELLED  
 1/9/14 Commission Meeting AGENDA/PACKET  MINUTES