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The landing fees at Redmond Municipal Airport were Three Dollars and Forty-three Cents ($3.43) per 1000# of gross landing weight from January 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014.  Effective July 1, 2014 the landing fees at Redmond Municipal Airport is Two Dollars and Ninety-nine Cents ($2.99) per 1000# of gross landing weight.


Roberts Field has a number of land parcels that have been subdivided and zoned near Redmond Municipal Airport in Central Oregon.  These parcels range from 0.74 acres to 181.6 acres and most provide easy access to utilities.  Please find the available parcel information sheets below.  If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the Airport Administration Office at (541) 504-3499.

0.74 acres, on SE College Loop

2.1 acres, on Veteran’s Way

3.7 acres, on Airport Way

4.4 acres, Isolated

4.4 acres, on Hwy 126

5.8 acres, on Airport Way

7.8 acres, near Juniper Golf Course

8.7 acres, on Airport Way

8.8 acres, on Airport Way

9.74 acres, between Lake Rd and Hwy 126

10.1 acres, on Airport Way

11.2 acres, near off Veteran’s Way

15.8 acres, on Airport Way

17.3 acres, on Hwy 126

32.7 acres, potentially within the fence

35.3 acres, off Salmon Ave

181.6 acres, on Hwy 126



For Lease: T-Hangars at Roberts Field, Redmond, Oregon.  Roberts Field has T-Hangars both on the Northside of the airfield and the Southside of the airfield all nestled within the T-Hangar buildings.  Notherside T-Hangars are located at 888 SE Veterans Way, Bldg I and K and most are approximately 1,246 square feet each (See attached for dimensions).  Southside T-Hangars located at 1900 SE Airport Way, Bldg F and G and are approximately 1,063 square feet (See attached for dimensions).  Please contact Airport Administration at (541) 504-3499 for availablity and/or other information. 

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